Research/Quality Improvement Project Grants



To fund research/quality improvement projects on:

  • Clinical Nursing that will improve patient outcomes
  • Nursing Education that will improve curriculum and/or retention of students


  • Applicants may be individuals or agencies with a Principal Investigator named who will be responsible and accountable
  • The Principal Investigator will have a minimum of a BSN degree
  • Preference will be given to Rhode Island residents in a Rhode Island nursing program
  • Priority will be given to nursing students in a graduate nursing program

Grant Amounts:

Grants of up to $2500 (maximum) which may be used for supplies, mailing and postage, transcription, translation, analysis, consultants and technology including software. The purchase of equipment may not be approved if available through borrowing or rental; rental fee may be approved. Grant funds may NOT be used as salary for principal investigator, research assistant(s), or secretarial assistance.


  • The principal investigator will agree to write a final report detailing results, conclusions and recommendations by July 1 of the year following the grant award to
  • Spend grant funds as approved in award with copies of all receipts for grant fund spending sent by July 1 of the year following the grant award to (All grant recipients agree to return any unspent monies to NFRI.)
  • Acknowledge Nursing Foundation of Rhode Island funding in any presentations and publications related to the research.

Application: Funding cycle

Apply by June 1; Notification by June 30; Funding by July 31

Research Grant Application 

Send completed Application Form to:

Nursing Foundation of Rhode Island
P.O. Box 41702
Providence, RI 02940
Attention: Research Grant Committee

For more information, email us or call 401-223-9680.
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