Board of Trustees

(as of June 2014)

Trudy Mulvey, MSN, RN, PCNS, BC

Immediate Past President
Betsy Nield, RN, BSN, MS

Vice President
Jeanne Sherman, RNC, BS, MSN, RNP

Andrew Kenny, RN, BSN

Mary Louise Palm, RN, MS

Mary Isabelle Calenda, RN, BS, MS
Joanne Costello, PhD, MPH, RN
Joan R. Dugas, MS, RN
Kathleen Dwyer, RN, BSN, MA, MEd
Desirae Heys, MSN, APRN-CNP
Marilyn Horan, M.Ed, BS, RN
Maureen Maigret, RN, BS, MPA
Lois Monteiro, RN, BA, MSN, PhD
Patricia Molloy, PhD, APRN, BC
Bertha Mugurdichian, RN, BS, MS
Lillian Sparfven, RN

Application for Appointment to Board of Trustees Requirements:

  • A stated and demonstrated interest in nursing and nursing education and its role in our state today
  • An understanding of some area of society that impinges or affects the nursing profession (non-nursing)
  • A desire to help new members of the nursing profession
  • A willingness to attend approximately five to six meetings a year and to work on Foundation fundraising and other activities including scholarship and grant review and to serve on committees as needed

For consideration for Board of Trustees membership, please send a letter of interest with a brief resume to:

Trudy Mulvey, President
Nursing Foundation of Rhode Island
P. O. Box 41702
Providence, Rhode Island 02940

For more information, email us or call 401-223-9680.
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